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MRKT | Tridel

  • Starting From $600k

Brightwater | Port Credit Waterfront

  • Starting From Mid $500k

Artistry | Tribute Communities

  • Starting From Mid $500k

Royal Bayview | Tridel

  • Starting from $1.2 Million

The Well | Tridel

  • Starting From $1.2 Million

11YV | Metropia

  • Starting From Mid $600k

Edenbridge Kingsway | Tridel

  • Starting From $1.3 Million

What Clients Are Saying About Us

As a newer real-estate investor, it was important for me to partner with someone who is committed, experienced and trustworthy. What makes Husein stand out, is that from our very first discussion where he took the time to listen, answer and ask thought-provoking questions, you could tell that it wasn't just about helping me find a property, but also helping me to become a more knowledgeable investor along the way. I appreciate his keen ability to look at all factors when assessing a property for fit, and that he wasn't afraid to convey concerns when he had any. Throughout the process, I felt like he always had my best interest in mind. I haven't even closed on my place yet, and have already (enthusiastically) referred Husein to my family and friends, and would highly recommend him to anyone that is serious about expanding their portfolio, or just getting started!
by Michelle Lovelace
When I told Husein I’m looking to purchase a condo last year, he was so engaged, so thrilled, perhaps even more than I was. The passion was obvious. He made the time to show me numerous condos. More importantly, he did his due diligence, gave me his personal advice, leveraged his experienced team, and delivered. When someone is that passionate, smart, and invested, they perform on a regular basis. That’s why he’s so successful.
by Jamil Jamal
Over the last year, we tried to work with a few real estate agents to find a potential investment property. What they all had in common was simply verbalizing what the rent would be and how much of a great investment that would be trying to pull us in a direction they considered best, without considering what was best for us. None of them had anything based on actual data to convince us in what they were saying. As W. Edwards Deming put it “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. That is until we were referred to Husein and Arif, when we were blown away by the detailed data we were shown on a few potential properties – historical trends, rents over the years, return on investment, relevant markets, you name it. All was based on data and that, in addition to Husein’s professionalism and demeanor, is what made us choose his services over many others. He is always available and ready to answer our questions.
by Simeon & Svetlana

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Sales Representative , RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Platinum Investment Club
Broker , RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Platinum Investment Club
Sales Representative , RE/MAX Realty Specialists Inc., Platinum Investment Club

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